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About Us

William Perkins & Genevieve Mariani are arborists in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Portland, Oregon. They met through tree work, and decided that they like being together all the time, working on trees and most all other times, as well. Read about the both of them below.

Will Perkins

Will was born and raised in the Portland area. His father instilled in him a love of carpentry and wilderness. He grew up assisting his dad in mechanical and contracting fields, and found himself very well-versed at it. Will is one of those people who can pick up any tool and quickly master it.

In his adult life, Will became a professional carpenter. He was always passionate about wild places, and began embarking on adventures with his dog into the mountains whenever he could.


Some five years ago, Will witnessed a handful of arborists climbing a massive trees, and was rapt with interest. So rapt, in fact, that he couldn't shake it. He knew he had to pursue a career in arboriculture, and so he did.


Working his way up from the ground at a tree service in Portland, Will became the lead climber, foreman, and main "removal guy" at the company. His carpentry and machine skills have aided him very well. Like many passionate professionals, he began to dream about his own intentions within the tree care industry. Soon, those dreams manifested reality in Tree Dogs.

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Genevieve Gabor Mariani

Genevieve was born in the East Bay Area in California, but relocated young to the home of her parents outside the Twin Cities, Minnesota. The woods were her home, nothing compared to how Genevieve flourished, frolicking with her dog in the dense forests surrounding her home. She is a gifted artist, and pursued a career as an illustrator, focusing on themes of animal welfare and environmentalism.

Genevieve moved to Los Angeles when she was 25. Finding herself nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Genevieve found her passion. She worked with marginalized people using art and wilderness as her aids. She spent all of her free time with her dogs and motorcycles, exploring the backcountry of Angeles National Forest.

In 2021, Genevieve moved to Portland, OR. Restlessness awakened an unshakable desire for change, to be outside, and use chainsaws (she had some minor experience building trails with students). Thus, she found herself at the same tree company as William, and the rest is history.

Genevieve is learning from Will & other mentors, finding it humbling and challenging to be a woman in the industry. One of her goals is to empower and support minority and marginalized people on their own journeys into tree work. She is the designer and artist behind all Tree Dogs designs.

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